We imagine you may have a number of questions for us before you purchase the bundle, so we did our best to pull together some of the most common questions we get. 

Whose permission do I need to submit the wedding?

You will always want to make sure that the photographer, who typically holds the copyright to the images, has give you permission to submit. If you're a wedding pro, we would encourage you to have a conversation with your couple about submitting their celebration. 

How old can the wedding be?

The general rule of thumb in the wedding PR world is that celebrations must be less than a year old. 

Do you guarantee my wedding will be picked up?

In short, no, and would encourage you to be cautious about any one promising that. The fact is, there are many variables that have to fall into place in order for something to be published. But we do stand by the quality of our products. 

What if I purchased the wrong bundle in error?

Every bundle is customized to meet the needs of that particular part of the industry. So if you purchased the wrong bundle, please contact us within (5) business days. 

What are the office hours exactly?

Once you've purchased the bundle, we'll be sure to be in touch about our regular office hours. We set aside several hours a month for those who have purchased the bundle to join our Zoom call and ask what questions they may have about their submission- from reviewing your image selection to recommending media outlets. 

Do you offer refunds?

As we only offer digital downloads, we currently do not offer refunds. Please visit our Refund Policy if you have any further questions.